The 10-lap Delmarva Charger feature saw Kyle Tubbs lead the first two laps with his hood up in front of his windshield. The yellow was out on lap two and Tubbs headed to the pits to get the hood fastened down turning the lead over to Ashley Merritt.


Merritt held off the challenges of Cody Hudson and Kevin Taylor until lap seven when she went high in the second turn and Jay Sipple drove into the lead. Brett Seller moved into second but could not catch Sipple and he posted his second win of the season. Sellers finished in second with Merritt recovering to finish in third. Fourth went to Taylor and Ryan Riddle rounded out the top five. Shane Clogg came from 27th to finish first Super Truck in sixth.


Delmarva Charger & Super Truck Finish (“T” designates Super Truck) 1. Jay Sipple; 2. Brett Sellers; 3. Ashley Merritt; 4. Kevin Taylor; 5. Ryan Riddle; 6. Shane Clogg (T); 7. Bobby Reed (T); 8. Thomas Lecates; (T); 9. Hunter Wharton (T); 10. Derek Swafford; 11. Matt Long (T); 12. Thomas Jackson (T); 13. Tim Quay (T); 14. Robert Paczkowski (T); 15. Jake Spencer (T); 16. Chuck Hudson; 17. Gene Hicks (T); 18. Randy Merritt; 19. Billy Lockwood (T); 20. Shannon Lewis; 21. Cody Hudson; 22. Kyle Tubbs; 23. Jerry Worth; 24. Brock Williams; 25. Joe Waters; 26. Jeff Carey; 27. Chris Martinez; 28. Mike Merrill (T); 29. Mike Lewis (T).