Joe Warren was not only in the right place at the right time, he made the right move to take the lead and drive to the win in the 25-lap Crate Model Fall Championship. With the gambler’s bonus and lap money the win was worth $1900.

Mike Wharton jumped out to the lead with Matt Hill in second.  The early laps were rough going as a couple of multi-car tangles brought out the yellow on laps two and four. Things settled down a little with Wharton, Hill and Warren showing the way.

Tyler Reed was on the march taking third from Warren on lap eight. At the halfway sign the top five were Wharton, Hill, Reed, Warren and Dylan Evans. With ten to go, Hill slipped high and Reed shot into second. On the next circuit Reed took the lead going down the back straight. Wharton went low in turn four to regain the top spot but jumped up on the left rear of Reed’s car. Warren made a dive to the bottom of the pair which proved to be the winning move.

Warren was now on top with Reed second and Dylan Evans third. Hill got around with some help to bring out the yellow and both Reed and Wharton headed to the pits. Robbie Walls, Jr. was now in second but Sparky White took the spot with seven to go.

Warren would lead the remainder of the distance to record his second Fall Championship win. White finished in second with Chris Hitchens crossing the line in third but was too light at the scale. Mike Parsons was credited with third with Walls fourth and Roy Hassler fifth.

25-Lap Crate Model Championship Finish:1. Joe Warren; 2. Sparky White; 3. Mike  Parsons; 4. Robbie Walls Jr; 5. Roy Hassler; 6. Kelly Putz; 7. Nick Davis; 8. Kellie Lewis; 9. Matt Glanden; 10. Alyssa Young; 11. Richard Harden; 12. Tim Williams; 13. Mike Wilson; 14. Tyler  Reed; 15. Dylan Evans; 16. Mike Wharton; 17. Matt Hill; 18. Reese Masiello; 19. T.J. Williams; 20. Gus Economides; 21. John  Imler; 22. Michael Wilkins; 23. Clint Chalabala; DQ (light) Chris Hitchens.