Jordan Watson got out front early and drove and smooth and error free race to win his second straight Fall Championship in the 25-lap AC Delco PSC Modified main. With the gambler’s bonus and lap leader money the victory was worth $1975.

Joseph Tracy started on the pole by being the quickest of the heat winners followed by heat winners Jordan Watson and Eric Humlhanz in second and third. Tracy led the first three laps before Watson moved on top for lap four. The yellow was out for a spin and on the restart, Chad Clark, who had started in seventh, took the second spot.

Tracy briefly regains the spot on a lap nine restart but Clark pulled back by bringing Clay Tatman into third. At the halfway sign the top five were Watson, Clark, Tatman, Tracy and Ryan Anderson, who had started in 16th.

Tracy wasn’t giving up and regained third from Tatman with nine to go. Two laps later Anderson dropped Tatman to fifth. The final yellow was out with six to go when Brandon Blades came to a stop in the fourth turn. Watson held off Clark on the restart as Anderson went to work on Tracy for third.

Anderson would get the third spot with two laps to go but it would be Watson, ending a fantastic season, taking the win over Clark. Fourth went to Tracy after a hard fought race and Tatman turned in his best Fall Championship performance in fifth.

25-Lap AC Delco PSC Modified Championship Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Chad Clark; 3. Ryan Anderson; 4. Joseph Tracy; 5. Clay Tatman; 6. Tim Trimble; 7. Trent Willey; 8. John Curtis; 9. Jeff Coffey; 10. Brandon Watkins; 11. Cameron Bellinger; 12. Adam Weber; 13. Dwayne Crockett; 14. Oscar Fields; 15. Nick Alberti; 16. Brandon Sturgis; 17. Herbie Hempel; 18. Garrie Bostwick; 19. Drew Simmons; 20. Ted Reynolds; 21. Mike Hovatter; 22. Brandon Blades; 23. Kevin Gardner; 24. Eric Humlhanz; 25. Scott Hitchens; 26. Scott Baker; 27. Ty Short; 28. Shawn Weber; 29. Westley Smith