Not since Kenny Pettyjohn in 1991 through 1993 has anyone been able to win three straight Super Late Model Fall Championships at the Delaware International Speedway. Ricky Elliott of Seaford, Del. did exactly that on Saturday night when he led wire to wire in the 50-lap Fall Championship winning for his third straight year and collecting his best payday yet with $8115.

By virtue of being the quickest heat winner, Elliott started on the pole with second quickest heat winner Donald Lingo, Jr. starting second and third heat winner, Ross Robinson third. The race got off to a furious start with Elliott setting the way and former Fall Champion, Jamie Lathrum quickly racing from fourth to second. Robinson held on to the third spot with Lingo, Jr. fourth and Pennsylvania’s Andy Haus fifth.

The leaders were so quick that by lap seven they were already working the back of the field. Lathrum was all over Elliott but got off the top in turn one ending the challenge but holding the second spot. The first yellow was out on lap 12 when local favorite, Austin Hubbard slowed to a stop.

The front four remained unchanged with Richard Jarvis, Jr. holding fifth. Lingo, Jr. got by Robinson for third and Mark Byram moved into the top five on lap 16. It wasn’t long before the leaders were back in traffic with the leader nearly tangling in turn four on lap 23. The caution was out at this point when both Lingo, Jr. and Lou Johnson slowed with flat tires.

The restart shuffled the top five with Byram holding third while Scott Haus and Roy Deese, Jr. moved into fourth and fifth. Elliott had a close call on lap 28 as Dale Lingo got around in the fourth turn right in front of the leader. On lap later the yellow was out again as Herb Tunis got around and Byram headed to the pits with a flat.

The top five were now Elliott, Lathrum, Scott Haus, Deese and Robinson. The only change that would occur in the top five in the remaining laps would be when David Williams, who started in 14th, took fifth from Robinson.

Lathrum had nothing for Elliott in the final laps as Elliott drove to the win. “We drew a good number (for the heat), said Elliott. “You had to start up front because its rubbered-up a little bit but the track is smooth as glass. I’ve always loved this race and it is one of my favorite ones to try to win.”

Second went to Lathrum with Scott Haus, Deese and Williams rounding out the top five.

50-Lap Super Late Model Championship Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Jamie Lathroum; 3. Scott Haus; 4. Roy Deese Jr; 5. David Williams; 6. Ross Robinson; 7. Andrew Mullins; 8. Kerry King; 9. Staci Warrington; 10. Kerry King Jr; 11. Nick Davis; 12. Lou Johnson; 13. Bryan Driver; 14. Bob Geiger; 15. Rob Schirmer; 16. Richard Jarvis Jr; 17. Dale Lingo; 18. David Hill; 19. Herb Tunis; 20. Mark Byram; 21. Brandon Dennis; 22. Donald Lingo Jr; 23. Andy Haus; 24. Kelly Putz; 25. Austin Hubbard; 26. David Pettyjohn; DNS: Mark Williams.