WillsFridayBy Charlie Brown, Tampa, FL – Thursday night of the TUSA Hoosier Mod Lite Winternationals at the East Bay Raceway park fell victim to the weather but when the cars returned on Friday night, Delaware International Speedway’s 2012 Mod Lite Champion, Jimmy Wills of Felton, Del. picked up where he left off on Wednesday night as he captured the 25-lap feature event.

Desoto, IA’s Josh May looked strong at the start of the A Main as Wills worked by Josh Sliter for second. Ross White out of Knoxville, TN was on the move and had just moved into third when the engine let go on his car bringing out the yellow.


May controlled the restart with Wills hanging on to second and former National Champion, Mikey Hay of Somerset, Pa. moving into the third spot. A multi-car tangle at the back of the field brought out the yellow for the second time on lap three. On the restart Hay mounted a challenge on Wills taking the second spot at the line on lap five but Wills took the spot back in the first turn.


By lap 10, the top five were May, Wills, Hay, Ty Short of Ellendale, Del. and Alan Knepper of Somerset, Pa. The yellow was out for a third time at this point when Tyler Riggs out of Ohio slowed to a stop in the second turn. May hit the throttle first on the restart but may have spun the tires as Wills got the bight and took the lead down the front straight.


The final yellow would fly on lap 16 when Chase Flatt came to a stop. Wills chose the outside on the restart and it worked perfectly as he once again held off May on the restart. Short also got a good restart and took the third spot dropping Hay to fourth.


Wills made no mistakes as he drove to his second win in as many nights in the American Legion Post #2/Pro. May finished in the second spot with Short posting a personal best at East Bay finishing in third. Fourth went to Hay and Alan Knepper rounded out the top five.


“There was a lot of grip on the top out there tonight,” said Wills. “I think he (May) got in the grease a little bit and slipped and that caution helped out a lot.  Other Delaware drivers in the field included: Ty Short in third; Nick Sapp in seventh; James Hill in 12th; Nick Nash in 16th and Eric McKinney in 21st.

Heat 1 Finish: 1. Josh May; 2. Ross White; 3. Ty Short; 4. Levi Spinnerweber; 5. Joe Isabelle; 6. Andy Hennigar.

Heat 2 Finish: 1. Josh Sliter; 2. Lynn Knepper; 3. Alan Knepper; 4. Josh Isabelle; 5. Nick Nash; 6. James Hill.

Heat 3 Finish: 1. Jimmy Wills; 2. Mikey Hay; 3. Tyler Riggs; 4. Erik McKinney; 5. Ken Meadows; 6. Chase Flatt.

B Main Finish: 1. Nick Sapp; 2. Eric Varin; 3. Doug Williams; 4. Jake Halcomb; 5. Justin Williams; 6. Simon Panton; DNQ: Jason Whitehead; Dean Provonost; Joel Huggins; Dan Kviring; Chris Frank; David Appleby; Randy Bryan; Kevin Nicolino; Tom Schnable.

25-Lap TUSA Feature Finish: 1. Jimmy Wills; 2. Josh May; 3. Ty Short; 4. Mikey Hay; 5. Alan Knepper; 6. Andy Hennigar; 7. Nick Sapp; 8. Levi Spinnerweber; 9. Jeff Isabell, Jr.; 10. Josh Sliter; 11. Doug Williams; 12. James Hill; 13. Lynn Knepper; 14. Chase Flatt; 15. Ken Meadows; 16. Nick Nash; 17. Joe Isabelle; 18. Justin Williams; 19. Tyler Riggs; 20. Simon Panton; 21. Erik McKinney; 22. Jake Halcomb; 23. Eric Varin; 24. Ross White.