StevensonThe Little Lincoln Vintage cars were in action on Saturday night and once again presented a great wheel to wheel feature race. In the 12-lap main Mel Joseph, Jr. took the early lead with Bill Brittingham working past Bunky White for second by lap two. One lap later Brittingham was on top but could only hold off Joseph for a lap.


Joseph held the lead at the halfway sign as John Stevenson dropped Brittingham to third.  Steven moved out front for two circuits when the final caution was out with three laps to go. On the restart, Stevenson and Jamie Wagner, who started in the rear, went door handle to door handle for the final laps. The pair made contact coming to the checkered with Stevenson taking the win by a bumper. Joseph, Jr. finished in the third spot edging Brittingham who finished fourth and Donald Robinson, Jr. rounded out the top five.


Little Lincoln Finish: 1. John Stevenson; 2. Jamie Wagner; 3. Mel Joseph, Jr.; 4. Bill Brittingham; 5. Donald Robinson, Jr.; 6. Kirk Lawson; 7. Bunky White; 8. Matt White; 9. Greg Nailor, Jr.; 10. Dylan Betts; 11. Ryan Walsen; DNS: Syd Nynson.