Elliott 3David Hill would lead the field into the first turn but shot from fourth to the front to lead lap one. Kerry King spun to bring out the first yellow and on the restart, Bob Geiger got out of shape ending up on top of the back straight wall. After some help getting down by the safety crews he was able to return to action.


Brandon Dennis got by Hill for second on lap three but could only watch as Elliott pulled away from the field. With five laps to go, Elliott’s car began to sound like it was running rough and Dennis began to slowly close on the lead. Time would run out as Elliott held on for his third straight win of the year. Dennis posted a person best finishing in second with Hill maintaining third to the finish. Fourth went to Donald Lingo, Jr. and Kerry King rounded out the top five.


“This is a different car,” said Elliott after the win. “We broke a dry sump belt in practice and couldn’t get it fixed. This one’s pretty good and I like it but it’s got a little skip there and I can’t quite figure out what it is.”


Elliott would draw an eight car inversion of the first feature finish for the start of the second 20-lap feature. He would actually end up starting in seventh when Donald Lingo, Jr. was late coming out. Nick Davis set the pace from the pole with Lou Johnson in second.


Elliott passed three cars going down the back straight and went from fifth to second on lap two. Davis would hold him off for one more circuit before Elliott moved on top. By halfway the top five were Elliott, Davis, Brandon Dennis, Kerry King and Johnson.


The 20-lap race would go caution free with Elliott picking up his second win of the night and his fourth straight in a time of 6:56.884. Davis turned in a person best finishing 11.5 seconds back in second with Dennis, King, and Lingo, Jr. rounding out the top five. Heats were won by Lingo and Elliott.


After the race Elliott commented on the problem they found after the first feature. “It must have been a plug wire off,” he said. “The gauges all looked good after the first one so we took the plugs out and adjusted the rocker arms. This is my brand new car and we were saving it and were hoping to use it for some money races but we had to use it tonight.” Elliott collected the bonus for sweeping both features.


Super Late No. 1 Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 3. Brandon Dennis; 3. David Hill; 4. Donald Lingo, Jr.; 5. Kerry King; 6. Lou Johnson; 7. Kerry King, Jr.; 8. Nick Davis; 9. Staci Warrington; 10. Bob Geiger; 11. Kelly Putz.


Super Late No. 2 Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Nick Davis; 4. Brandon Dennis; 4. Kerry King; 5. Donald Lingo, Jr.; 6. Lou Johnson; 7. Kerry King, Jr.; 8. Bob Geiger; 9. Kelly Putz; 10. Staci Warrington; 11. David Hill.