CloggThe Super Trucks made their first appearance of the season. Mike Lewis took off in the lead with Brian Meisenholder running in second. The caution was out on lap two when Shane Clogg spun and Matt Long headed to the pits with a flat tire. Lewis continue to lead as Clogg charged from the rear to third by lap four and one lap later moved by Meisenholder for second.


Clogg quickly reeled in the leader and took the point with three to go. Bobby Reed moved into third but could not close of the leaders. At the checkered it was Clogg in the Donovan’s Salvage Chevy S-10 taking the win. Lewis ended a good drive in second with Reed third. Fourth went to Meisenholder and Mark Ruark rounded out the top five.


Super Truck Finish: 1. Shane Clogg; 2. Mike Lewis; 3. Bobby Reed; 4. Brian Meisenholder; 5. Mark Ruark; 6. Billy Lockwood; 7. Tim Quay; 8. Gene Hicks; 9. Luke Wiedmann; 10. Robert Paczkowski; 11. Matt Long; 12. “Big” Jake Spencer.