Hill 2Mike Wharton started on the pole and set the early pace in the 15-lap Crate Model feature. By lap four, Matt Hill had hauled in the leader and was challenging. Hill took the top spot on lap five as Joe Warren followed into second.

The yellow was out at halfway as Tim Williams slowed in two. The top five at this point were Hill, Warren, Sparky White, Tyler Reed and Wharton. Warren would make one final bid for the lead with three to go but pushed high in the first turn, eliminating his chances for another challenge. Hill drove to his second win of the year with Warren second. Third went to White with Wharton fourth and Derek Magee running strong at the end for fourth. Heats were won by White and Reed.

Crate Model Finish: 1. Matt Hill; 2. Joe Warren; 3. Sparky White; 4 Mike Wharton; 5. Derek Magee; 6. Tyler Reed; 7. Mike Wilson; 8 Reese Masiello; 9. Steven Baker; 10. Jamie Eichholz; 11. T.J. Williams; 12. David Nailor; 13. Jason Warfield; 14. Randy Given; 15 Zac Weller; 16. Alyssa Young; 17. Robbie Walls, Jr.; 18. Tim Williams; 19. Kellie Lewis.