MillsBy Charlie Brown, DELMAR, DE – With the ten car inversion draw following the heats, Jamie Mills would start on the pole and set the pace in the 25-lap NAPA Big Block Modified feature. Joseph Watson challenged for the second spot in the Mills team car and Dana Walker ran in third.

By lap four Brad Trice was able to climb to the third spot and by lap nine Trice was up to second but the yellow would come out two laps later when Matt Hawkins slowed. On the restart, Watson regained second and would keep pressure on the leader Mills.

On the move from 19th was Matt Jester who cracked the top five with 11 laps to go. Cautions on laps1 5 and 16 would keep Mills from pulling away. Watson would go high in the first turn losing several positions and putting Trice back in second.

With five to go Jester got by Beau Wilkins for third as H.J. Bunting moved into fifth. Matt Hawkins and Mike White would tangle with three to go to bring out the final yellow and keep the pack on the back bumper of Mills. Mills was up to the challenge and drove to his second consecutive win with Trice second and Jester third. Fourth went to Bunting and Donnie Radd got by Wilkins on the final turn for fifth. Heats were won by Matt Hawkins and Bunting.

“We had the preferred starting spot,” said Mills following the race. “The track was a little slippery and we had to look around and hunt around for bite. I tell you Joseph (Watson) gave me a scare there when that caution came out so I took that groove away from him and found the bite up there.”

NAPA Big Block Modified Finish: 1. Jamie Mills; 2. Brad Trice; 3. Matt Jester; 4. H.J. Bunting; 5. Donnie Radd; 6. Beau Wilkins; 7. Joseph Watson; 8. Robert Dutton; 9 Howard O’Neal; 10. Jeff Brown; 11. Eric Kormann; 12. Dana Walker; 13. Shawn Ward; 14. Michael White; 15. Chuck Tucker; 16. Art Valdesere, Jr.; 17. Andy Hammond; 18. Matt Hawkins; 19. Dale Hawkins; 20. Eric Valdesere; DNS: Bobby Watkins, Scott VanGorder.