First feature winner, JoJo Watson got to do the draw for the second Big Block 20-lap feature inversion and drew the number eight which put Robert Dutton on the point. Beau Wilkins quickly jumped up to second and Bunting got by Trice for third. Wilkins worked his way into the lead on lap five with Bunting following into second.

Bunting moved on top on lap seven with Mills following into second and Jester taking third. Bunting lost his brakes and pushed high in turn one just as Mills was making a bid on the outside for the lead. Mills drilled Bunting in the sidebar straightening him out but Mills went off the top of the turn and came to a stop. On the restart, Jester got around collecting Matt Hawkins and Howard O’Neal.

The top two were now Bunting and Trice with Watson up to third. Mills was making a charge back through the field and got by Wilkins with three to go for third. Mills took second from Trice with one to go and quickly closed on Bunting. Bunting had just enough left of hold off the charge on the final circuit and take the win. Mills ended his spectacular drive in second with Trice third. Watson held on to finish in fourth and Wilkins rounded out the top five.

NAPA Big Block 2nd 20 Finish: 1. HJ Bunting; 2. Jamie Mills; 3. Brad Trice; 4. Joseph Watson; 5. Beau Wilkins; 6. Dale Hawkins; 7. Matt Jester; 8. Michael White; 9. Shawn Ward; 10. Bobby Watkins; 11. Chuck Tucker; 12. Drew Simmons; 13. George Richardson; 14. Matt Hawkins; 15. Robert Dutton; 16. Howard ONeal; 17. Art Valdesere Jr; 18. Eric Valdesere; DNS: Kyle Fuller; Dana Walker. Bunting1