It was a 10 car inversion draw for the start of the AC Delco PSC Modified feature which put point leader, Jordan Watson on the pole. At the drop of the green Watson took off from the field with Eric Humlhanz in second and Tim Trimble running third. Brian Brasure worked into second and at the halfway sign the top five were Watson, Brasure, Humlhanz, Trent Willey and Cameron Bellinger.

On the next circuit, Bellinger tangled with Humlhanz collecting Danny Smack and Tim Trimble. The top five had a new look with Watson out front followed by Trent Willey, Brasure, Clay Tatman and John Curtis. Tatman and Brasure made contact with Brasure getting out of shape and spinning down the back straight to bring out the final caution.

Watson would remain perfect in the closing laps to post his fourth win of the season. Tatman took second on the restart but could not hold off Willey who finished in second with Tatman third. Fourth went to Curtis and Joseph Tracy rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Richie Wilson and Brasure.

Watson4AC Delco Modified Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Trent Willey; 3. Clay Tatman; 4. John Curtis; 5. Joseph Tracy; 6. Chad Clark; 7. Westley Smith; 8. Eddie Brown; 9. Richie Wilson; 10. Brandon Blades; 11. Scott Hitchens; 12. Nick Alberti; 13. Dwayne Crockett; 14. Tim Trimble; 15. Danny Smack; 16. Eric Humlhanz; 17. Kenneth Peek; 18. Garrie Bostwick; 19. Herbie Hempel; 20. Shawn Weber; 21. Bryan Brasure; 22. Wesley Smack; 23. Cameron Bellinger; 24. Brandon Watkins