The Delmarva Chargers made their first start of the season with pole sitter,  Jay Sipple taking the early lead with Kyle Tubbs in second. On lap three Kevin Kovash slowed to a stop in turn two while the leader tangled with Brett Sellers ending the night for both.

Tubbs was now on top with Ashley Merritt running in second. A four car battle developed in the closing laps with Geoff Carey taking the lead with three to go. Buddy Sipple, who started in 21st. moved in to challenge from second. On the final lap, the 14 year old Buddy Sipple moved by Carey to take the win. Second went to Carey with Ashley Merritt holding on for third. Fourth went to Tubbs and Ryan Riddle came from 13th to finish in fifth.

Delmarva Charger Finish: 1. Buddy Sipple; 2. Geoff Carey; 3. Ashley Merritt; 4. Kyle Tubbs; 5. Ryan Riddle; 6. Jordan Long; 7. Chris Martinez; 8. Jay Wortt; 9. Todd Francis; 10. Randy Merritt; 11. Ivan Morales; 12. Jerry Wort; 13. Josh Dahling; 14. Cody Hudson; 15. Jay Sipple; 16. Brett Sellers; 17. Kevin Kovash; 18. Chucky Hudson; 19. Paige Dougherty; 20. Tanner Marvel; 21. Kevin Taylor.Sipple