Jeff Coffey and Brandon Watkins scored their first win in the AC Delco PSC Modified heats but with the four car inversion draw it would be defending point champion and current point leader, Jordan Watson starting on the point. Watson took off at the drop of the green with Eric Humlhanz running strong in second and Watkins in third. A caution for a five car tangle at the halfway point eliminated Watson’s lead and tightened the field.


Watson was able to pull away again on the restart as Cameron Bellinger moved in to challenge Humlhanz for second. Trent Willey was a victim of a chain reaction and spun to bring out the final yellow with two laps to go. Under the yellow, Watkins, who had been running in fourth, headed to the pits with a flat rear tire. On the restart, Bellinger was able to get by Humlhanz for second but Watson would remain flawless to record his third straight win and his sixth of the year. Rounding out the top five were Bellinger, Humlhanz, Scott Hitchens and John Curtis.Watson 6


AC Delco Modified Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Cameron Bellinger; 3. Eric Humlhanz; 4. Scott Hitchens; 5. John Curtis; 6. Richie Wilson; 7. Ty Short; 8. Dwayne Crockett; 9. Joseph Tracy; 10. Danny Smack; 11. Chad Clark; 12. Andy Hammond; 13. Jeff Coffey; 14. Nick Alberti; 15. Herbie Hempel; 16. Ronald Peek; 17. Wesley Smack; 18. Brandon Watkins; 19. Westley Smith; 20. Trent Willey; 21. Will Bratten.