Top runners, Matt Hill and Joe Warren captured the pair of Crate Model heats. The inversion draw was six cars putting Derek Magee on the pole for the Delaware Start. Magee held off Mike Wilson for the first two circuits before slowing with a flat rear tire and bringing out the yellow. The rest of the race would be run under the green with Wilson holding the top spot until lap seven when Hill slipped under Wilson for the lead.


With five laps to go Eric Vent took the third spot. Hill drove into heavy traffic with two laps to go but made all the right choices in the lapped cars to take his third checkered of the season. Vent posted his best finish of the season in second holding off Joe Warren who finished third. Fourth went to Sparky White and point leader Tyler Reed rounded out the top five. Matt Hill 3


Crate Model Finish: 1. Matt Hill; 2. Eric Vent; 3. Joe Warren; 4. Sparky White; 5. Tyler  Reed; 6. Mike Wilson; 7. Kellie Lewis; 8. Robbie Walls Jr; 9. Mike Wharton; 10. Reese Masiello; 11. Steven Baker; 12. Randy Given; 13. Tim Young; 14. John Warfield; 15. Dan Hudson; 16. Robby Cain; 17. Derek Magee; 18. Zac Weller; 19. Mike  Parsons.