Nick Nash and Mike Stratton captured the Mod Lite qualifying heats but a six car inversion draw would put last week’s winner, James Hill on the pole. Hill took off at the drop of the green as Ray Gulliver and Mike Stratton fought it out for second. Stratton was able to secure the spot on lap six but Hill had pulled away to a big lead.


Hill collected the S.R. Pete & Sons $50 halfway bonus with Stratton, Gulliver, Nick Sapp and Nick Nash running in the top five at that point. Stratton began to whittle away at Hill’s lead and with two laps to go was on his bumper. Stratton made a final bid coming off the fourth turn but came up half a car length short at the line as Hill posted his second straight win in the caution free 15-laps. Sapp climbed to third with two laps to go and finished in that spot with Gulliver fourth and Nash fifth.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. James Hill; 2. Mike Stratton;  3. Nick Sapp; 4. Ray Gulliver; 5. Nick Nash; 6. Alan Passwaters; 7. Landis Musser; 8. Jason Musser; 9. Ryan Dryden; 10. Josh Clark; 11. Kirk Miles Sr; 12. Aaron VanVorst; 13. Jake Nelson; 14. Brandon Keim; 15. Harry Mears; 16. Brandon Sturgis; 17. Curt Miles Jr.Hill2