1J Motor Up For Grabs This Saturday Night


Watson 8

Attention Stock Car Racers: There has been a proposal made in light of the recent comments sparked from the successful passing of tech by the AC Delco PSC Modified of Jordan Watson. Mr. Watson has offered up a compromise to any racer or owner this Saturday night. If Jordan wins, he will impound the car at the track, and the motor will be for sale for $3,500 without the distributor, or $3,600 with the distributor. Sunday, track officials, Mr. Watson, his crew, and the purchaser of the engine will come to the track, and the purchaser will visibly watch the 1J team remove the engine. In turn for the $3,500 or $3,600, Mr. Watson will receive a new sealed crate motor for $3,300 and $200 or $300 for his services and replacement of any accessory parts (gaskets, sealants, etc). As the purchaser, you will receive the engine out of Mr. Watson’s car. This will include just the engine, i.e. intake, heads, and short block. This will NOT include any other accessory parts that belong to Mr. Watson, i.e. carburetor, water pump, fuel pump, hoses, distributor (unless paid $3,600), or headers. This will come on a first come, first serve basis, and the purchaser must have cash in hand Saturday night.