C.J. Schirmer led the first lap of the 12-lap Vintage Car feature. Scott Calhoun moved on top for lap two and Dwayne Heck became the third different leader in three laps. Once out front Heck started to pull away from the field. That lead would be erased with four to go when David Parsons got around. Rob Schirmer was now in second but on the green, Heck once again pulled away to post his third straight win in the Vintage Cars at DIS. Rob Schirmer finished in second with C.J. Schirmer third. Fourth went to Calhoun and Mark Williams rounded out the top five. First Sportsman was Mitch Morton who finished sixth overall.

The Slide for 5 finale saw three different lead changes in the five laps. Michael Creppon led the first circuit before Matt Carmean slid into the top spot. Robert Reed followed into second and the chase was on. Reed took the lead going into the first turn on the final lap and held off Carmean to the checkered.


Slide for 5 Top Five: 1. Robert Reed; 2. Matt Carmean; 3. Michael Creppon; 4. Josh Hudson; 5. Shane Phillips.


Vintage Stock Car Finish: 1. Dwayne Heck; 2. Rob Schirmer; 3. C.J. Schirmer; 4. Scott Calhoun; 5. Mark Williams; 6. Mitch Morton; 7. Kelly Putz; 8. Todd Miller; 9. David Parsons; 10. Chris Loveland; 11. Norman Short; 12. Vic Thomas; 13. Dave Schamp; 14. Don Davidson.mortonheck3