The Mod Lites went 20-laps on Saturday night with the winner being a guaranteed starter in the Fall Championship. Mike Stratton set the pace at the start with Alan Passwaters running in second. Nick Sapp quickly moved to the second spot. James Hill was on the move from his eighth starting spot and pulled into third bringing Landis Musser with him.


Hill dropped Sapp to third just past halfway and set his sights on Stratton. On lap 16, Hill got a great run off the second turn and shot by Stratton to take the lead with three to go. The yellow would come out one lap later bunching the field. Hill had no problem on the restart and drove to his third consecutive win. Stratton maintained the point lead finishing in second with Sapp third. Landis Musser finished in the fourth spot and Tim White rounded out the top five in the strong 18 car field. Heats were won by Sapp and Stratton.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. James Hill; 2 Mike Stratton; 3. Niick Sapp; 4. Landis Musser; 5. Tim White; 6. Jason Musser; 7. Brandon Strugis; 8. Ray Gulliver; 9. Curt Miles, Jr.; 10. Kirk Miles, Sr.; 11. Aaron VanVorst; 12. Nick Nash; 13. Alan Passwaters; 14. Brandon Keim; 15. Harry Mears; 16. Ryan Dryden; 17. Jake Nelson; 18. Josh Clark.hill3