John Curtis moved from third to first to lead lap one of the AC Delco PSC Modified 15-lap feature.  Danny Smack got by Brandon Watkins to take second. By lap four Jordan Watson was challenging Smack taking second on lap five. Two laps later, Watson was on top.


Joe Tracy was making a charge from 10th and was up to third with three to go. Watson would take his 10th checkered of the season by 5.3 seconds over Curtis in second. Third would go to Tracy with Smack fourth and Westley Smith coming on strong at the end to finish in fifth. Heats were won by Kenny Peek and Jeff Coffey.Watson10


15-lap AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. John Curtis; 3. Joseph Tracy; 4. Danny Smack; 5. Westley Smith; 6. Brandon Watkins; 7. Richie Wilson; 8. Adam Weber; 9. Kevin Gardner; 10. Scott Hitchens; 11. Dwayne Crockett; 12. JD Breasure; 13. Jeff Coffey; 14. Kenneth Peek; 15. Eric Humlhanz; 16. Garrie Bostwick; 17. Wesley Smack; 18. Nick Alberti; 19. Kevin O’Neal; 20. Herbie Hempel; 21. Bryan Brasure; 22. Matt Smith; 23. Trent Willey.