With the exception of the initial start it was clear sailing for Bud Sipple in the 10-lap Delmarva Charger feature. Jerry Worth went up in smoke at the drop of the green bringing out the only yellow of the race. Sipple took the point when Kevin Taylor headed to the pits under the yellow. When the green was back out, Sipple set the pace with Ashley Merritt tucked on his rear bumper. Jordan Long would settle into the third spot with Geoff Carey fourth and Jay Sipple fifth. Carey would head to the pits with problems moving Jay Sipple to fourth and Chris Martinez to fifth. With the race staying green the order would not change to the checkered as Bud Sipple took his second win of the season.


Delmarva Charger Finish: 1. Bud Sipple; 2. Ashley Merritt; 3 Jordan Long; 4. Jay Sipple; 5. Chris Martinez; 6. Josh Joseph; 7. Ivan Morales; 8. Randy Merritt; 9. Geoff Carey; 10. Kevin Kovash; 11. Kevin Taylor; 12. Jerry Worth; 13. Jay Worth.Sipple