Shawn Weber and Kenny Peek would win the AC Delco PSC Modified heats but a 10 car inversion draw would put Richie Wilson on the pole in the 15-lap main. Wilson would hold off John Curtis for the first five laps before Curtis moved on top for lap six. At the halfway point the top pair were still Curtis and Wilson with Trent Willey, Chad Clark and Scott Hitchens holding down the top five.


Willey got by Wilson for second with five to go but had about a five second deficit at that point.  While Curtis was being patient in traffic Willey would cut that gap down to .6 seconds. That’s as close as he would get as Curtis picked up his second win of the season. Richie Wilson turned in a person best finishing in third with Clark fourth and Hitchens fifth.


AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. John Curtis; 2. Trent Willey; 3. Richie Wilson; 4. Chad Clark; 5. Scott Hitchens; 6. Kenny Peek; 7. Danny Smack; 8. Westley Smith; 9. Dwayne Crockett; 10. Bobby Watkins; 11. Brandon Watkins; 12. Kevin O’Neal; 13. Nick Alberti; 14. Herbie Hempel; 15. Matt Smiith; 16. Wesley Smack; 17. Shawn Weber; 18. Garrie Bostwic; 19. Eric Humlhanz; DNS: J.D. Brasure.Curtis 2