SchirmerThe 12-lap Vintage Car feature got off to a rocky start with Vic Thomas and Chris Loveland tangling before the first lap was in the books. Mark Williams led the first lap before Dwayne Heck, looking for his fourth consecutive win tangled with Thomas on the back straight ending his night in the wall. Williams would lead on the restart with Rob Schirmer taking the point for lap three. Scott Calhoun would chase him the rest of the distance making a bid for the win on the final turn but Rob would hold on for the victory. Calhoun finished in second with C.J. Schirmer third. Fourth went to Williams and Kelly Putz finished fifth and first Sportsman.

Robert Reed jumped out front from the green in the Slide for Five. Matt Carmean got by Reed on lap three but tangled with another car putting Reed back on top. Carmean was able to recover and give chase and when Reed had problems in the second turn on the final lap, Carmean was able to go back out front and drive to the checkered.

Vintage Finish: 1. Rob Schirmer; 2. Scott Calhoun; 3. C.J. Schirmer; 4. Mark Williams; 5. Kelly Putz (1st Sportsman); 6. Todd Miller; 7. David Parsons; 8. Mitch Morton; 9. Norman Short; 10. Dwayne Heck; 11. Vic Thomas; 12. Chris Loveland.

Slide for Five top 5: 1. Matt Carmean; 2. Robert Reed; 3. Westley Clifton; 4. Shane Phillips; 5. Colby Dukes.Putz (1)