The 20-lap Super Late Model feature wasn’t at all what it appeared to be if you weren’t there and was just looking at the results. Ricky Elliott did pick up his 15th win of the season but he only led the part of the final lap and may not have led that had it not been for a late race caution.


Elliott and Kerry King, Jr. won the qualifying heats but the inversion draw was ten cars. Bob Geiger and Rob Massey elected to start in the rear would put King, Jr. and Elliott seventh and eighth on the grid. Kerry King, Sr. jumped out to the early lead with Donald Lingo, Jr. working by Amanda Whaley for second. The trio remained in tight formation through the first five laps before King and Lingo began to pull away.


Lingo, Jr. moved on top on lap eight and Whaley challenged King for second. At the halfway sign the top five were Lingo, Jr., Whaley, King, Sr., Nick Davis and Elliott. Lingo, Jr. was solid out front with Elliott dropping Davis to fifth on lap 14. Two laps later, Davis lost power and slowed to a stop bringing out the first of three important yellows.


On the restart King, Jr. got around and the yellow was out again. This time, coming to the green, the rear let go in Lingo’s car almost collecting Whaley. Lingo, Jr. spun into the infield with Whaley taking the lead as the green stayed out on the field. Elliott was not challenging for second and on the white flag lap King got sideway and Elliott made contact trying to get by which resulted in King spinning to bring out the yellow with one to go.


On the restart, Whaley led across the strip but pushed just high enough in the first turn to leave the bottom groove open. Elliott slipped under Whaley ending her efforts for the upset of the season. She would hold on for a solid second behind Elliott with Brandon Dennis coming on strong to finish in third. Kerry King, Jr. recovered to finish in fourth and King, Sr. rounded out the top five.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Amanda Whaley; 3. Brandon Dennis; 4. Kerry King Jr; 5. Kerry King; 6. Bob Geiger; 7. Lou Johnson; 8. Donald Lingo Jr; 9. Nick Davis; 10. Rob Massey. Elliott 15