Stevenson 2John Stevenson took advantage of his pole starting position to post his second win of the season in the Little Lincoln Vintage Car 12-lap feature. Stevenson had opened a big lead as Dylan Betts chased from a distant second with Bill Brittingham challenging in third.


Stevenson’s big lead was erased when Ryan Walsen came to a top in the first turn. Both Betts and Brittingham made a bid for the lead on the restart but Stevenson was up to the challenge. Brittingham took second with two laps to go and was able to get a front fender under Stevenson but Stevenson opened some breathing room on the final circuit to take the win. Brittingham finished in second with Betts third. Jamie Wagner came from the rear to finish in fourth and Kirk Lawson rounded out the top five.


Little Lincoln Finish: 1. John Stevenson; 2. Bill Brittingham; 3. Dylan Betts; 4. Jamie Wagner; 5. Kirk Lawson; 6. Mark Cashdan; 7. Matt White; 8. Alan Austin; 9. Ryan Walsen; 10. Greg Nailor, Jr.; 11. Donald Robinson, Jr.