The four car inversion draw put Mike Wharton on the pole for the 15-lap feature event with fast qualifier, Eric Vent starting fourth. Wharton set the pace while Sparky White ran in second and Vent third. Matt Hill started in the sixth spot and was up to third by lap three. One lap later he moved by White for second.


A pair of cautions on laps seven and eight kept the field tightly bunched. Hill worked his way by Wharton with five to go but the caution would be out for a final time on lap 12. Hill maintained the high groove with Tyler Reed starting to make a move through the top five. With one to go, Reed got by White for third but time would run out as Hill collected his third straight victory and his eighth overall. Wharton finished in the second spot with Reed third. Fourth went to White and Vent rounded out the top five.


Crate Model Finish: 1. Matt Hill; 2. Mike Wharton; 3. Tyler  Reed; 4. Sparky White; 5. Eric Vent; 6. Joe Warren; 7. Dylan Evans; 8. Reese Masiello; 9. Mike Wilson; 10. Zac Weller; 11. Mike  Parsons; 12. Steven Baker; 13. Alessa Young; 14. Derek Magee; 15. T.J. Williams; 16. Kellie Lewis; 17. Wayne Smedley; 18. Tim WhiteHill 8