Jimmy Wills and Mike Stratton captured the Mod Lite heats and would start one-two in the 15-lap main. Wills led the first lap before Stratton moved on top. James Hill quickly settled into the third spot with Brandon Sturgis working into fourth. Hill’s night would end quickly as the front suspension gave way bringing out the yellow on lap five. Jake Nelson and Ray Gulliver would also have problems at this point.


By halfway, Stratton was in solid control with Wills trying to close the gap in second. Sturgis, Jason Musser and Landis Musser would round out the top five. Sturgis was able to get by Wills with four to go but would not catch Stratton. It was Stratton’s eighth win of the year and the victory would secure the 2013 point championship for the driver.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. Mike Stratton; 2. Brandon Sturgis; 3. Jimmy Wills; 4. Jason Musser; 5. Landis Musser; 6. Alan Passwaters; 7. Bobby Watkins; 8. Kirk Miles Sr; 9. Aaron VanVorst; 10. Ryan Dryden; 11. Brandon Keim; 12. Jake Nelson; 13. Harry Mears; 14. Nick Nash; 15. James Hill; 16. Ray Gulliver; DNS: Fred Matthews. Stratton 8