Second year driver, Jeff Coffey took full advantage of his pole starting position to record his first career win in the AC Delco PSC Modified 15-lap main. It would be far from an easy run for Coffey as Tim Trimble and Jordan Watson would challenge him for the spot the entire distance.


Watson worked his way into third by lap four and joined Trimble in trying to get by Coffey. With four to go the trio were under a blanket across the line. A yellow flag with two laps to go would give them one more chance. Coming off the final turn on the final lap, Trimble went to the low side but came up half a car length short at the checkered. Coffey celebrated his first career win at the track followed by Trimble, Watson, Trent Willey and Danny Smack in the top five. The three heats for the 27 cars were won by Brandon Watkins, Dwayne Crockett and Jordan Watson. Driver Kevin O’Neal was involved in a serious crash in the second heat and was transported to the hospital with possible leg injuries.


AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Jeff Coffey; 2. Tim Trimble; 3. Jordan Watson; 4. Trent Willey; 5. Danny Smack; 6. Scott Hitchens; 7. Brandon Watkins; 8. John Curtis; 9. Greg Humlhanz; 10. Chad Clark; 11. Dwayne Crockett; 12. Dylan Betts; 13. Cameron Bellinger; 14. Bobby Watkins; 15. Ty Short; 16. Nick Alberti; 17. Wesley Smack; 18. Garrie Bostwick; 19. Andy Hammond; 20. Kevin Sockriter; 21. Robert Riley; 22. Adam Weber; 23. Kevin Gardner; 24. Matt Smith; 25. Eric Hitz; 26. Kevin O’Neal; 27. Tyler Reed. Coffey