The Delmarva Chargers were on hand Saturday night. Ryan Riddle led the first lap of the 10-lap main before Chuck Hudson, who started in fourth, took the point. Hudson pulled away from the field as Kevin Kovash worked into second with Jay Sipple climbing from eighth to third.


With three to go, Hudson’s car began to show some smoke but  he had built a big enough lead to hold on to the checkered. Kovach finished in the second spot with Jay Sipple third. Fourth went to Butch Hudson and Ashley Merritt rounded out the top five.


Delmarva Charger Finish: 1. Chuck Hudson; 2. Kevin Kovash; 3. Jay Sipple; 4. Butch Hudson; 5. Ashley Merritt; 6. Bud Sipple; 7. Brett Sellers; 8. Ryan Riddle; 9. Tippy Martinez; 10. Randy Merritt; 11 Cody Hudson; 12. Jerry Worth; 13. Geoff Carey; 14. Keith Lewis; 15. Ivan Morales; 16. Kevin Taylor.Hudson