Delmar, DE – Persistent showers throughout the day and predictions for more of the same in the evening have postponed the second half of the $60,000 Delaware State Dirt Track Championships to Sunday, October 20th. Gates open at 3 p.m. with cars taking to the speedway at 5 p.m.  The following is a list of qualified cars for tomorrow night.

Big Block Modifieds from Heat 1: Billy Pauch; 2. David VanHorn Jr; 3. Matt Jester; 4. Ryan  Watt; 5. Matt Hawkins; 6. Drew Simmons; 7. Shawn  Ward; 8. Richie Pratt.

Heat 2: 1. Jimmy Horton; 2. HJ Bunting; 3. Jamie Mills; 4. Brad Trice; 5 Dave Shirk; 6. Donnie Radd; 7. Mike Iles; 8. Howard O’Neal.

Heat 3: 1. Rick Laubach; 2. Ryan Anderson; 3. Ron Roberts Jr; 4. Michael White;5. Wade Hendrickson; 6. Dale Hawkins; 7. Chris Grbac; 8. Sean Gunther.

Final six positions are open to be filled through the consolation on Sunday.  Pauch’s quick time in his heat was two one-thousandths quicker than Laubach so he will start on the pole with Laubach and Horton in the second row.

Super Late Model Heat 1: Ricky Elliott; 2. Donald Lingo Jr; 3. Roy Deese; 4. Dan Stone; 5. Rick Eckert; 6. Herb Tunis; 7. Kerry King; 8. Mark Byram; 9. Bob Geiger.

Heat 2: 1. Austin Hubbard; 2. Kerry King Jr; 3. Jamie Lathroum; 4. Nick Davis; 5. Lou Johnson; 6. Chad  Hollenbeck; 7. Andrew Mullins; 8. Amanda Whaley.

Thirteen spots are still open for any car not qualified that shows up on Sunday. The finish of the consolation will determine starting spots from 18th to 30th  Elliott was eight one-hundredths quicker than Hubbard and will start on the pole.

Crate Model Heat 1. Matt Hill; 2. Mike Wharton; 3. Robbie Emory; 4. Dylan Evans; 5. Eric Vent; 6. Kerry King Sr.; 7. Reese Masiello; 8. David  Nailor; 9. Tim White; 10. Billy Thompson; 11. Michael Wilkins; 12. Randy Given; 13. Bob Geiger.

Heat 2. 1. Mike Wilson; 2. Sparky White; 3. Robbie Walls Jr; 4. Tyler  Reed; 5. Joe Warren; 6. Kelly Putz; 7. Steven Baker; 8. Mike  Parsons; 9. Alessa Young; 10. Zac Weller; 11. Kellie Lewis; 12. Bobby Ballantine.

Matt Hill had the quickest time of the two heat winners and will start on the pole.

AC Delco PSC Modified Heat 1. Scott Hitchens; 2. Trent Willey; 3. Chad Clark; 4. Westley Smith; 5. Kevin Sockriter; 6. Chip Disharoon; 7. Nick Alberti; 8. Andy Hammond.

Heat 2. 1. John Curtis; 2. Dwayne Crockett; 3. Brandon Blades; 4. Matt Smith; 5. Garrie Bostwick; 6. Herbie Hempel; 7. Eric Hitz; 8. Robert Riley.

Heat 3. 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Greg Humlhanz; 3. Danny Smack; 4. Brandon Watkins; 5. Matt Hawkins; 6. Kenneth Peek; 7. Tim Trimble; 8. Jeff Coffey.  Positions 27 thru 30 are still open.  Jordan Watson was four one-hundredths quicker than Scott Hitchens and will start on the pole with Hitchens and Curtis in row two.

Mod Lite Heat 1: 1. Jason Musser; 2. Mike Stratton; 3. Chris Justice; 4. Ray Gulliver; 5. Curt Miles Jr; 6. Tanner Marvel; 7. Brandon Keim; 8. Kirk Miles Sr; 9. Harry Mears; 10. Frankie Bradley; 11. Tim White.

Heat 2. 1. James Hill; 2. Alan Passwaters; 3. Ty Short; 4. Aaron VanVorst; 5. Ryan Charland; 6. Brandon Sturgis; 7. Jimmy Wills; 8 Jake Nelson; 9. Ryan Dryden; 10. Nick Nash; 11. Nick Sapp.  James Hill was two tenths of a second faster than Jason Musser and will start on the pole.

Small Block Modifieds can attempt to qualify for the Big Block Modified feature through the consolations plus any Big Block that did not take part in qualifying on Friday night.

Order of events are: Consolations; 25-lap AC Delco; 50-Lap Big Block Modified; 50-Lap Super Late; 25-lap Crate Model; 20-Lap Mod Lite; 12-Lap Vintage Stock Car and Slide for 5