Matt Hill set a blistering pace from the pole in the 25-lap Crate Model championship. Sparky White worked by Mike Wilson for second and Mike Wharton followed into third one lap later. Hill almost got collected in traffic on lap six and Robbie Walls, Jr. was on the move climbing to third.


The yellow was out at the halfway sign when the Hill slowed with a flat tire. White took over the point for two circuits before Wharton moved on top with ten to go. Wharton held off White through three cautions in the last ten laps to take the win.  White finished in second and Joe Warren worked his way from tenth to finish in third. Fourth went to Dylan Evans and Walls, Jr. rounded out the top five. Heats on Friday night were won by Hill and Wilson.


OFFICIAL  Crate Model Finish: 1. Mike Wharton; 2. Sparky White; 3. Joe Warren; 4. Dylan Evans; 5. Robbie Walls Jr; 6. ric Vent; 7. Matt Hill; 8. Kelly Putz; 9. Mike Wilson; 10. Zac Weller; 11. Tim White; 12. Mike  Parsons; 13. Billy Thompson; 14. Kerry King Sr; 15. Tyler  Reed; 16. Reese Masiello;  17. Alessa Young; 18. Randy Given; 19. Bob Geiger; 20. Tony Bowers; 21. Kellie Lewis; 22. Steven Baker; 23. Robbie Emory; 24. David  Nailor; 25. Michael Wilkins;  DNS: Bobby Ballantine. Whartonfc