Ricky Elliott started on the pole in the 50-lap Super Late Model championship by virtue of having the quicker time over second heat winner, Austin Hubbard. At the drop of the green the pair immediately separated themselves from the field. Donald Lingo, Jr. was able to reel in the leaders and by lap six was challenging Hubbard for second. Nick Davis was putting on a good run taking fourth from Jamie Lathroum on lap eight.


Kerry King came to a stop bringing out the yellow on lap 18. Under the yellow Rick Eckert was able to duck into the pits and return to the rear of the field. Eckert would slow two laps later bringing out the yellow but once again was able to return before the race went back to green. The third yellow in a row slowed the race again on lap 22 when Lathroum, who was running in fifth at the time , slowed.


Elliott was able to open some breathing room on the restart as Lingo, Jr. again went to work on Hubbard for second and Andrew Mulluns moved into the top five. The next 21 laps would be under the green. Dan Stone cracked the top five on lap 27 but by lap 42, Eckert had worked has way from the rear to pass Stone for fifth. Towards the end of the green flag run it appeared that Elliott was starting to slow some as Hubbard began to close the gap.


The final yellow would fly with six to go as Amanda Whaley got around. Elliott was able to muster up enough speed to hold off Hubbard for his fourth consecutive Fall Championship win worth $8005. Hubbard was forced to settle for second with Lingo, Jr. third. Fourth went to Eckert and Nick Davis ended a solid run in fifth.


“I can’t say enough for Charlie (Cathell) for redoing the track”, said Elliott while his car spouted steam in the background. “It helped us a ton. The car would drive where ever I needed to go and I kept it in clean air. Starting position is everything.”


Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Austin Hubbard; 3. Donald Lingo Jr.; 4. Rick Eckert; 5. Nick Davis; 6. Dan Stone; 7. Roy Deese; 8. Andrew Mullins; 9. Mark Byram; 10. Amanda Whaley; 11. Herb Tunis; 12. Lou Johnson; 13. Jamie Lathroum; 14. Kerry King; 15. Kerry King Jr; 16. Bob Geiger; DNS: Chad  Hollenbeck. Elliottfc