Delmar, DE – It is no secret that Super Late Model weekly car counts in the East have been on a decline in the last few seasons. Delaware International Speedway is no exception and promoter, Charlie Cathell has come up with a possible solution to add competitors to the division in 2014.


This season the track will allow drivers to purchase the GM CT 525 sealed aluminum engine and compete with some allowances in the areas of tires and weight. The CT 525 with accessory kit can be purchased for under $10,000 compared to engines costing as much as $40,000 now being used. The engine is 376 cubic inches and puts out 525 horsepower at 6700 rpms. It will be sealed preventing any further modifications and will be required to run a 7000 rpm rev limiting chip.


To compensate for the difference in horsepower between the new CT 525 cars and the bigger, higher horsepower engines currently being used the track will make allowances both for tires and weight. The weight limit for the cars with the new engine will be 2100 pounds with driver compared to 2300 and will be allowed to run a softer tire package requiring a DIS stamped American Racer SD 44 or harder on the right rear and SD 38 or harder compounds for the other three tires. The requirement for a DIS stamped American Racer SD 48 or harder on the right rear and SD 44 or harder tires on the other three corners will still remain the rule for cars will all other engines. The use of any tire treatments will be prohibited which will be a change for all divisions in 2014. All divisions will be allowed a four event grace period at the start of the season to allow the use of tires from last year.


Drivers should contact Charlie Cathell prior to purchasing the new CT 525 or for answers to any questions or concerns about the new engine program by calling the speedway office Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 302-875-1911.