The Super Trucks were in action on Saturday night. It took several attempts to get the first lap of their 10 lap feature into the book and when they did it was pole sitter, Brian Meisenholder setting the pace. By lap three Robert Paczkowski took the point. Matt Long had climbed from sixth to second with three to go but ran out of time as Paczkowski took his first win at the speedway. Long finished in the second spot with Meisenholder third. Fourth went to Geoff Carey and Shane Clogg came all the way from 16th to round out the top five.


Charles Shawver captured the first ever Red Neck Slide where the Slide for 5 cars had to run in reverse. Shawver on lost the lead momentarily on lap three but regained his speed and went on to the win. Josh Hudson finished a close second.


Super Truck Finish: 1. Robert Paczkowski; 2. Matt Long; 3. Brian Meisenholder; 4. Geoff Carey; 5. Shane Clogg; 6. Bobby Reed; 7. Billy Cropper; 8. Billy Lockwood; 9. Orville Wells; 10. David Smith; 11. Joe Pete; 12. Shannon Lewis; 13. Gene Hicks; 14. Luke Wiedman; 15. Tim Quay; 16. James Brasure; 17. Stanley Pete.


Red Neck Slide Finish: 1. Charles Shawver; 2. Josh Hudson; 3. Sam Ellers, III; 4. Gene Cropper; 5. Mark Williams.