By CHARLIE BROWN, DELMAR, DE – The NAPA Big Block Modified competed in “Twin 20’s” feature on Saturday night at the Delaware International Speedway. The first 20 lapper was a thriller with H.J. Bunting passing Matt Jester on the final lap for the win. Equally exciting was the second 20-lap main that went caution free with Joseph Watson, making his first start winning over his brother Jordan.


In the first of the Twin 20’s for the NAPA Big Block Modifieds it was Jordon Watson jumping on top over Mike White. Shawn Ward was holding on to third over Dana Walker as Matt Jester worked by Scott VanGorder for fifth. The first yellow would fly on lap five when Joseph Watson slowed with transmission problems. He would later return several laps down.

Jester climbed to third on the restart and one lap later drove by White for second. By lap 11, Jester was putting the pressure on Watson for the lead and H.J. Bunting, who started in ninth was on the move in third. Jester took the top spot with eight to go as Jordan Watson and Bunting battled for second.

A pair of cautions on laps 15 and 16 kept the field tightly bunched. Bunting drove under Watson for second on the restart and began to close on Jester. With two to go, Bunting was making a bid for the lead on the inside and on the final lap made it stick going into three to take the lead. It was the second win of the season for Bunting. Jester finished in second with Jordan Watson third. Fourth went to Jamie Mills and White ended a good drive in fifth. Heats were won by Jordon Watson and Shawn Ward.

First Big Block Finish: 1. HJ Bunting; 2. Matt Jester; 3. Jordan Watson; 4. Jamie Mills; 5. Michael White; 6. Dana Walker; 7. Scott VanGorder; 8. Brad Trice; 9. Matt Hawkins; 10. Bobby Watkins; 11. Dave Dissinger; 12. Drew Simmons; 13. Dale Hawkins; 14. Beau Wilkins; 15. Joseph Watson; 16. Shawn  Ward. Bunting2