By CHARLIE BROWN, DELMAR, DE – Second generation driver, Beau Wilkins stepped up his performance taking the win in the 25-lap NAPA Big Block Modified feature at the Delaware International Speedway.

Shawn Ward would nearly pull off the upset of the night. Starting on the pole Ward quickly settled into a rhythm that kept the rest of the field at bay. Dana Walker held the second spot early before Wilkins, who started in seventh dropped him to third on lap three.

Jamie Mills and H.J. Bunting were working their way to the front taking third and fourth by lap four. The first caution was out on lap eight when Dave Simmons slowed on the back straight. On the restart, Wilkins went wheel to wheel with Ward for the next three laps but Ward held off the challenge.

The front five remained tightly bunched but Mills would end his charge on lap 16 when he slowed to a stop at the top of turn four. Wilkins again used the opportunity to make a bid for the lead on the restart. Ward again was able to fend him off for the next two laps but with six to go, Wilkins moved on top.

The battle for second went three wide coming off the fourth turn with Jordan Watson, Bunting and Ward all challenging for the spot. Ward would get around coming off the turn to end a great run and to bring out the final caution.

Watson made a bid for the lead but slipped high leaving the door open for Bunting. Bunting was not able to get to Wilkins before time ran out with Wilkins getting the well-deserved win. Watson settled for third with Walker fourth and Dave Dissinger turning is a nice performance in fifth. Heats were won by Ward and Watson.

NAPA Big Block Modified Finish: 1. Beau Wilkins; 2. HJ Bunting; 3. Jordan Watson; 4. Dana Walker; 5. Dave Dissinger; 6. Brad Trice; 7. Michael White; 8. Scott VanGorder; 9. Drew Simmons; 10. Neil Huber; 11. Shawn Ward; 12. Blaine Bracelinl 13. Jamie Mills; 14. Dave Simmons; DNS: Bobby Watkins; Matt Hawkins.STACI1 (2)