The AC Delco PSC Modifieds went 20-laps Saturday night with the winner becoming a guaranteed started in the Fall Championship. Kevin Sockriter took advantage of starting on the pole to lead in the early going with Chad Clark and Bryan Brasure chasing from second and third.

Four cautions in the early laps would keep the 24 car field tightly bunched. The last yellow would come on lap nine and would be the demise of the leader, Sockriter and he got around in the second turn. Joe Tracy had been on the move from his sixth starting spot and was now the new leader with Greg Humlhanz, who started seventh running second.

Tracy maintained his typical flawless style out front while Humlhanz battled to hold off Clark. Tracy proceeded to drive to his second win of the year and garner the guaranteed Fall Championship spot while Clark regained second with two to go to hold off Humlhanz. Westley Smith turned in another fine performance finishing in fourth and rookie, Jordan Justice rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Clark, Brasure and Westley Smith.

AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Joseph Tracy; 2. Chad Clark; 3. Greg Humlhanz; 4. Westley Smith; 5. Jordan Justice; 6. Dwayne Crockett; 7. Brandon Watkins; 8. Jeremy Harrington; 9. Kyle Fuller; 10. Rodney Cordrey; 11. Adam Weber; 12. Bryan Breasure; 13. Richie Wilson; 14. Brandon Gallo; 15. Kenneth Peek; 16. Kevin Sockriter; 17. Robert Riley; 18. Garrie Bostwick; 19. Patrick Galloway; 20. Tim Trimble; 21. Connor King; 22. Matt Smith; 23. Scott Hitchens; DNS: Jeff Coffey; Jeff Brown; Danny Smack; Wesley Smack.TRACY2