The 12-lap Vintage Stock Car feature got off to a scary start when cars got tangled coming off the fourth turn for the green sending Freddy Brightbill of Sinking Springs, Pa. end over end down the front straight. Brightbill climbed from the upside down car on his own but was obviously shaken.

Rob Schirmer led lap one with Scott Calhoun taking second. Dwayne Heck battled by C.J. Schirmer into third. The order was the same at halfway with Dave Schamp running in fifth. The yellow was out for a final time with five to go when Mitch Morton went up in smoke.

On the restart, Calhoun jumped to the outside and with four to go took the lead. Calhoun made no mistakes in the final laps and took the win. Rob Schirmer slowed with mechanical problems and Heck finished in second. Third went to C.J. Schirmer with Vic Thomas first Sportsman in fourth and Dave Schamp fifth.

CALHOUN1Vintage Finish: 1. Scott Calhoun; 2. Dwayne Heck; 3. C.J. Schirmer; 4. Vic Thomas; 5. Dave Schamp; 6. Todd Miller; 7. John Burton; 8. Rob Schirmer; 9. Mitch Morton; 10. Freddy Brightbill.