Mike Stratton made a late race pass of Jason Musser to claim his second Mod Lite feature of the season. The 15-lap event was a wild one with seven caution flags spread throughout. Jake Nelson led the first four circuits before Jason Musser, who started in fifth, took the lead.

The cautions kept the field tightly bunched. With four laps to go Stratton had worked his way from tenth to third. One lap later he got by Nelson for second. At this same point, Musser’s engine started to sour and the car began to slow with Stratton taking the lead with two laps to go. Two cautions on the final lap made it a one lap dash to the finish with Stratton taking his second checkered of the season. Jimmy Wills piloted a damaged car by Musser on the final lap to take second with Musser hanging on for third. Fourth went to Ray Gulliver and Richard Rexrode posted a person best in fifth. Heats were won by Wills and James Hill.

Mod Lite Finish: 1. Mike Stratton; 2. Jimmy Wills; 3. Jason Musser; 4. Ray Gulliver; 5. Richard Rexrode; 6. Kirk Miles Sr; 7. Alan Passwaters; 8. Aaron VanVorst; 9. Harry Mears; 10. James Wood; 11. Brian Short; 12. Jake Nelson; 13. Ryan Dryden; 14. James Hill; 15. Tim White; DNS: Curt Miles Jr. DSC00611