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By Chad Cathell: The Crate Models would prove to be interesting as multiple drivers picked their way from the back of the field to the front on S.R. Pete & Sons night. Mike Wilson would lead the field to the green and would keep that lead up until lap number 7.


Multiple cautions would plague the class through the first several laps, but when Hill went to the high side he would work his way by Wilson on the high side with Dylan Evans following suit. Wilson would get around on lap number 10 to tighten the field up once again, and from there on it was smooth sailing for the 84 as Hill would pick up another win on the season and help extend his points lead in the Crate Model Division. Heats were won by Hill and Evans.


Crate Model Finish: 1. Matt Hill 2. Dylan Evans 3. Tyler Reed 4. Mike Wharton 5. Sparky White 6. Steven Baker 7. Alessa Young 8. Robbie Walls Jr 9. Billy Thompson 10. Mike Wilson 11. T.J. Williams 12. Kellie Lewis 13. Jamie Emory 14. D.J. Cameron 15. Mike Parsons