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By Chad Cathell: The first feature on S.R. Pete & Sons night at the races started out with Harry Mears starting on the point for the 15 lap Modified Lite Main. Jake Nelson jumped out to a quick lead passing Mears as they headed down into turn number one. Nelson and Ryan Dryden would jump out to a sizeable margin, as the rest of the field would battle it out for position.

Nelson would lead up until lap number 8 when Nelson and Dryden would make contact and spin when racing for the lead position with Stratton.  Stratton would take over the lead for the remainder of the race, but didn’t go unchallenged, as a caution at lap 10 by James Wood and lap 13 by Aaron VanVorst would tighten up the field on two occasions. At the end it would be the Defending Champion Mike Stratton picking up his 3rd win of the season at Delaware International Speedway. Heats were won by Stratton and Ray Gulliver.

Mod Lite Finish: 1. Mike Stratton 2. Jimmy Wills 3. James Hill 4. Ray Gulliver 5. Richard Rexrode 6. Jake Nelson 7. Alan Passwaters 8. Harry Mears 9. 0 James Wood 10. Brian Short 11. Nick Nash 12. Ryan Dryden 13. Aaron VanVorst DNS: Kirk Miles Sr.