C.J. Schirmer led the first two laps of the 12-lap Vintage Stock Car feature before Dwayne Heck took the point. Rob Schirmer worked into the second spot ahead of C.J. while Scott Calhoun and Vic Thomas held down fourth and fifth.

With three to go, Heck got into the back of a lapped car going into the third turn. The two were able to get separated without bringing out the yellow and Heck had built a big enough lead to hold the point and drive to the win. Third went to C.J. Schirmer with Calhoun fourth and Thomas first Sportsman in fifth.

Vintage Finish: 1. Dwayne Heck; 2. Rob Schirmer; 3. C.J. Schirmer; 4. Scott Calhoun; 5. Vic Thomas (1st Sportsman); 6. Todd Miller; 7. Mark Williams; 8. Dave Schamp; 9. Robbie Rowe; 10. Chris Loveland; 11. Don Davidson; 12. Josh Smith.Heck