The Mod Lite 15-lap feature got off to a wild start when a chain reaction on the back straight sent Mike Stratton (who was driving the Richard Rexrode No. R1 after destroying his new Shulties No 23 Saturday night) over the wheel of Ryan Dryden. Stratton flipped across the track and over the inside wall into the infield. James Hill also tangled with Dryden and ended up upside down on the back straight. No one was injured in the crash.

Ray Gulliver would led the first three laps before Jimmy Wills moved on top. Once out front Wills would never be headed as he drove to back to back wins. Gulliver chased wills the entire distance to finish in second with Ryan Dryden putting on a nice run for third. Aaron VanVorst notched another top five finishing in fourth and Nick Nash rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Gulliver and Wills.

Mod Lite Finish: 1. Jimmy Wills; 2. Ray Gulliver; 3. Ryan Dryden; 4. Aaron VanVorst; 5. Nick Nash; 6. Harry Mears; 7. Brandon Sturgis; 8. Curt Miles Jr; 9. Jake Nelson; 10. James Hill; 11. Mike Stratton; DNS: Kirk Miles Sr; Alan Passwaters; Brian Short; Tim White.DSC00636