After winning his heat race, Ricky Elliott started on the pole in the 25-lap feature and everyone knew he would be the car to beat. Donald Lingo, Jr. had won the second heat and started in second holding off Mark Byram in third.

Elliott was the quickest car but Lingo, Jr. was able to stay within about a second and a half of the leader. Nick Davis worked by Amanda Whaley into fourth and Ross Robinson climbed to fifth. The race would go caution free as Elliott picked his way through the back of the field.

Davis was able to work his way past Byram for third with six laps to go. The front would remain unchanged with Elliott taking the win and earning $3625. Lingo, Jr. finished about eight car lengths back in second with Davis third. Fourth went to Byram and Robinson rounded out the top five.

Super Late Model Finish; 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Donald Lingo Jr; 3. Nick Davis; 4. Mark Byram; 5. Ross Robinson; 6. Andrew Mullins; 7. Austin Hubbard; 8. Joe Warren; 9. Kerry King Jr; 10. Amanda Whaley; 11. Staci Warrington; 12. Herb Tunis; 13. Eddie  Collins; 14. Rob Schirmer; 15. David Pettyjohn; 16. Bob Geiger.