By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE – Jamie Mills is on a roll in the NAPA Big Block Modifieds. He came from his tenth starting spot to collect his third consecutive win in eight days Saturday night at the Delaware International Speedway.

Dale Hawkins was smooth leading in the early going as Mills charge to fourth by lap two. Howard O’Neal got by Shawn Ward for second on lap six then went to work on Hawkins, taking the lead on lap nine. Jordan Watson worked his way by Ward up to fourth and one circuit later got by Hawkins for second.

O’Neal continued to set the pace as Mills got by Watson for second at the halfway sign and H.J. Bunting cracked the top five. With eight to go, Mills got under O’Neal for the lead. Bunting was able to pull up to third and Beau Wilkins entered the top five.

Mills was able to open a comfortable lead in the closing laps as O’Neal and Bunting battled for second. Mills would take the checkered with Bunting getting by O’Neal on the final lap for second. O’Neal finished a season’s best in third with Watson fourth and Wilkins rounding out the top five. Heats were won by Bunting and Wilkins.

NAPA Big Block Modified Finish: 1. Jamie Mills; 2. HJ Bunting; 3. Howard ONeal; 4. Jordan Watson; 5. Beau Wilkins; 6. Dale Hawkins; 7. Brad Trice; 8. Bobby Watkins; 9. Dave Dissinger; 10. Drew Simmons; 11. Shawn Ward; 12. Robert Dutton; 13. Michael White; 14. Scott VanGorder; 15. Shawn Weber; 16. Matt Hawkins; 17. Dave Simmons; DNS: Trent Willey. DSC00645