Aleesa Young led the first two laps of the Crate Model 15-lap feature before Robbie Walls, Jr. moved on top. Young held the second spot until lap five when Tyler Reed dropped her to third. By halfway, Wall, Jr. was still in solid control with Reed second. Young was locked into a battle with Eric Vent for third and Sparky White was up to fifth.

The one and only caution of the race came with three laps to go when Derek Magee got into the wall on the back straight. Walls, Jr. was able to hold off Reed on the restart and drive to his first win this year. Reed finished second with Vent third. Matt Hill came from deep in the field to finish in fourth and Dylan Evans rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Reed and Evans.

Crate Model Finish: 1. Robbie Walls Jr; 2. Tyler Reed; 3. Eric Vent; 4. Matt Hill; 5. Dylan Evans; 6. Sparky White; 7. Alessa Young; 8. Steven Baker; 9. Mike Wilson; 10. Kellie Lewis; 11. Zac Weller; 12. Donald Ackenbrack; 13. D.J. Cameron; 14. Derek Magee. DSC00644