The Tony Steele Memorial 12-lap Vintage Stock Car feature was a good one. C.J. Schirmer jumped out to the early lead over his brother Rob Schirmer. Dwayne Heck used the high line to take second and on lap five moved into the lead. Heck went high in three on the next lap and C.J. went back on top. Heck regained his composure and went back to the point on lap seven. C.J. continued to apply the pressure as the pair made contact coming off the fourth turn just as the caution flew as Todd Miller came to a stop on the front straight.

C.J. got a great restart and took the lead with two three to go. Heck made one more bid and moved back on top coming to the white flag. He would make no mistakes as he drove to the win. C.J. Schirmer ended the hard fought battle in second with Rob Schirmer third. Fourth went to Scott Calhoun and Vic Thomas finished first Sportsman in fifth.

HeckTony Steele Memorial Vintage Finish: 1. Dwayne Heck; 2. C.J. Schirmer; 3. Rob Schirmer; 4. Scott Calhoun; 5. Vic Thomas; 6. Dave Schamp; 7. Mark Williams; 8. John Burton, Jr.; 9. Chris Loveland; 10. Kelly Putz; 11. Josh Smith; 12. Todd Miller.