The 15-lap Crate Model feature was a good one. Point leader, Matt Hill had a tough time right from the start and he got around to bring out the yellow. On the restart Hill and David Nailor got together in the first turn with Hill going around for a second time. The first four laps were caution filled as Zac Weller held the point with Derek Magee in second.

Lap five on would be all green and by halfway Dylan Evans had worked from fifth to second and was challenging for the lead. Evans moved on top with six to go and would never look back to score his first win of the season. Weller ended his best run of the year in second with Sparky White coming from seventh to finish third. Four was taken by Robbie Walls, Jr. and Eric Vent held off Hill for fifth. Heats were won by Walls, Jr. and Hill.

Crate Model Finish: 1. Dylan Evans; 2. Zac Weller; 3. Sparky White; 4. Robbie Walls Jr; 5. Eric Vent; 6. Matt Hill; 7. Tyler  Reed; 8. Jamie Eichholz; 9. Mike Wilson; 10. Alessa Young; 11. David Nailor; 12. Steven Baker; 13. Kellie Lewis; 14. Derek Magee; 15. T. J.  Williams; DNS: D.J. Cameron. DSC00660