Herb Tunis of Georgetown, Del. took full advantage of his pole starting position in the 20-lap Super Late Model feature. Tunis jumped out to the early lead with Kerry King, Jr. in second and Joe Warren running third. The first of two yellows was out on lap three as point leader, Andrew Mullins lost and engine and rolled to a stop.

On the restart King, Jr. cranked up the pressure and got by Tunis on lap five. Staci Warrington worked her way into third with Donald Lingo, Jr. following into fourth and Ricky Elliott up to fifth. Tunis settled back in on the back bumper of King, Jr. and on lap eight regained the lead spot.

King, Jr. wanted the lead back and was charging hard in the corners. On lap 12 the lead pair made contact in the second turn but were able to keep control remaining in the same order. The final yellow was out on the next circuit as Bob Geiger got around.

Warrington put the pressure on King, Jr. on the restart but would lose third to Lingo Jr. Elliott would follow into fourth. As Tunis continued to set the pace Lingo, Jr. got by King, Jr. with one to go as did Elliott. Tunis would make no mistakes as he drove the Greg Mitchell mount to his first win in the division. Lingo, Jr. finished in second with Elliott third. Fourth went to King, Jr. and Warrington rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Lingo, Jr. and Mullins.

Super Late Model Finish: 1. Herb Tunis; 2. Donald Lingo Jr; 3. Ricky Elliott; 4. Kerry King Jr; 5. Staci Warrington; 6. Nick Davis; 7. Brandon Dennis; 8. Joe Warren; 9. Bob Geiger; 10. Andrew Mullins. DSC00682


“I’m getting too old for this,” said a winded Tunis in victory lane. “My wife has only seen me race three times in my career and she was here tonight. I guess I will have to bring her every week.”