(February 10, 2017 Mark Cathell) For years, in dirt track racing, for the most part, each individual track stayed to themselves working within their own schedules and venues. Most race teams did the same by staying loyal to their home tracks. Over the past couple of years, it seems the sport has started to turn in a different direction. For many of race track promoters, they are searching for new ways to excite our patrons and race teams again to bring life back to the race tracks and this great sport we love and cherish!
This leads us into the 2017 racing season with many changes, which we feel are positive for the sport. What are we referring to? Many of you may have noticed a change in local tracks beginning to work together for their fans, race teams and sponsors. This season, Delaware International Speedway has joined forces with Potomac and Winchester Speedways. The “Battle of the Bay” gives a new dimension to racing in the Super Late and Crate Model divisions. This year we made the move to become part of the RUSH Racing family, broadening the opportunity for racers to travel here and vice versa with our local teams. In addition, we have worked hard to adjust our schedule, to allow other facilities to host events and not run on top of each other, making it easier for fans and race teams.
For the 2017 season, we have developed a new series for our Big Block Modifieds. The Full Throttle Modified series is looking to be a popular addition here at DIS. To assist our local teams, as well as those traveling to run this series, the decision has been made to follow ShortTrack Super Series rules. This popular series, which competes at DIS in May, attracts a lot of the top drivers and teams based in the Mid-Atlantic region. So instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, for this series, our tire, weight, motor and body rules will follow the SSS. This is a seven race series, consisting of five 40 lap main event features and two 50 lap events. (Diamond State 50 & DSDTC are 50 lap events) In order to simplify the rules process, we have decided to coordinate with the ShortTrack Super Series rules
pertaining to the following items listed below:
Below is an Amendment to the 2017 DIS Big Block Modified Rules and will ONLY be HONORED at the 6 Full Throttle Series events
and Delaware State Dirt Track Championship Show. For the Battle of the Bay Series an amendment has been made to the tire compound and will ONLY be HONORED at the 9 race series.  
ENGINES: Open small-blocks: (max. 363 cubic inches) 2,400 lbs. Big-Blocks: (max. 471 cubic inches) 2,500 lbs. & Big-Blocks: (472
cubic inches & Over) 2,600 lbs. All weights are track scale pounds, with driver in car, taken post-race.
TIRES: American Racer is the exclusive tire of the 2017 Full Throttle Series. Approved compounds for ALL South Region events are as follows:
  • Front tires: American Racer 33 compound or harder; Left-rear: American Racer 44 compound or harder; Right-rear: American Racer 48 compound or harder. Any track or series stamp is legal. No specialty tires or block-tread tires permitted.
BODY RULES: The Full Throttle Series will mandate windows only/standard bodies at Delaware International, Georgetown, Bridgeport and Susquehanna speedways. At all events, door height will be measured with driver in car, immediately after the race. It will be measured 60 inches from the centerline of the rear axle. The left-side door 60 inches in front of the rear axle is maximum 41 inches from the ground. The right-side door 60 inches in front of the rear axle is maximum 40 inches from the ground. All other standard/DIRTcar body rules will be in effect.
Anything deemed not within the spirit of the rules will need to be altered per the direction of track officials.
TIRES: The Hoosier 1300 or harder compound will be allowed during the 9 scheduled races at DIS, Potomac & Winchester. 
Finally, to show the racing community in 2017, Delaware International, Georgetown and Bridgeport Speedways along with ShortTrack Super Series will work together. They have put together a guaranteed program which gives winners from the listed tracks, guaranteed starting position at other venues. Listed below are the events tied together and agreed upon by the track promoters:
  • Melvin Joseph Memorial race winner at Georgetown Speedway, receives a guaranteed starting position at the Messick Family Full Throttle Series race, on April 2ndat DIS. 
  • The winner at DIS April 2 Full Throttle Series race, will receive a guaranteed starting spot at the April 23rd, SSS race at Bridgeport Speedway.
  • The race winner from Bridgeport Speedway Poker races #2 and #4, on May 28 and July 3 will receive starting positions at DIS Full Throttle race Thursday night July 13th (May 28th winner) and August 3rd (July 3rd winner) and the October DIS Delaware State Champ Show winner receives guaranteed spot at Bridgeport Speedway’s Wild Card Weekend Nov. 10 & 11
  • SSS race winner June 6th wins guaranteed spot FTS Thursday night June 15th
  • FTS race winner June 15th wins guaranteed spot at SSS race July 30th @ Susquehanna Speedway
  • FTS race winner August 3rd wins guaranteed spot at Georgetown Speedway Beach Blast SSS Southern Region final points race

Battle of the Bay winners will receive guaranteed starting spot at the following race. Winners from Winchester will carry over to the following race DIS.